About us

The Women Techsters Initiative is Africa’s largest women-in-tech tuition-free program aimed at bridging the digital technology knowledge divide between men and women across low-income communities in Africa, with the goal of ensuring women have equal access to better opportunities. Our objective is to grow and support an army of tech-empowered girls and women across Africa who have equal access to decent jobs and can scale their ideas into tech-enabled businesses and deep tech startups to foster economic growth across Africa.


  • To provide the prerequisite knowledge and insight needed to enable girls and women interested in careers in technology access the right learning opportunities
  • To enable girls and women gain access to decent jobs within the technology ecosystem
  • To empower girls and women with the right skills needed to create, grow and scale their own technology-enabled businesses and deep tech startups, while providing them with a strong entrepreneurship support structure within their respective communities across Africa

Learning Tracks

  • Product Design

    Product design is a process of creating user-friendly solutions using various design tools. In this track, beneficiaries will learn about the basics of product designs, the various design tools we can use, and all it entails.

  • Product Management

    Product Management is the glue that holds product design, tech, and business together. Beneficiaries would learn how to navigate through product management as wide as it seems.

  • Software Development

    Behind the framework of any system are a set of instructions and data that tells the computer how to work. Software development involves the build-out of these instructions and data.

  • Cybersecurity

    Each year, the statistics for cybercrimes continue to rise. This track involves the various measures to be taken to protect critical data and information from being breached.

  • Mobile Development

    Mobile development is used in creating apps for both android and ios operating systems. Beneficiaries would learn, and understand the use of tools needed to solve problems through apps.

  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Engineering

    In a world where machines are becoming increasingly capable, and Data has become gold, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence engineering has become a skill far too valuable. This track is equipped with enough information to enable interested women to start a successful career in this field.

  • Blockchain

    Originally devised for the digital currency Bitcoin, blockchain has evolved. The tech community is now finding other potential uses for this technology, such as peer-to- peer payments, crowdfunding, file storage, identity management, digital voting, etc. Beneficiaries would not only learn how to find their feet in the but also how to start a career in the Blockchain industry.

  • Mixed realities and 3D

    With the growing interest in the Metaverse and the increasing demand for 3d avatar and 3d environments in the digital space, mixed realities and 3D have become very high demand skills. Beneficiaries would learn all there is to know about Mixed realities and 3D, and how they can navigate a career in this field.