What is the Women Techsters Fellowship?

The Women Techsters program is a free technology upskilling experiential learning program for women and young girls between the ages of 16 and 40 years across Africa.

The program aims to bridge the digital technology knowledge divide between men and women in the technology ecosystem and enable equal access to decent work opportunities for women and girls. The program provides varying degrees of digital, deep tech and soft skills training required within the technology ecosystem to beneficiaries.

How can I get into the Women Techsters Fellowship?

The call for application for the 2nd Cohort of the Women Techsters is out, you can apply here on or before Tuesday, the 22nd of March, 2022.

Here's what you should expect after you submit your application:

  • First stage screening to check your eligibility for the program – March 29th to April 5th (The detailed guidelines are available on the Home Page of the portal)

  • Shortlisted candidates from Stage 1 will be required to take online Psychometric and technical assessments. The assessment will test background knowledge, learning agility, personality traits, and critical thinking abilities. April 5th – 12th

  • Second-level screening for candidates who scale through the assessments April 12th – 19t

  • Final Selection and Onboarding April 19th – May 3rd

When will I be notified about the results of my application?

Women Techsters will contact the 2022 fellowship applicants through email in due course. The earlier you apply within the deadline, the earlier your application will be reviewed.

How much does the Women Techsters Fellowship cost?

The Women Techsters fellowship is free!

What do I need for the fellowship program?

You need a personal laptop, good and reliable internet connection, and time.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, only girls between the ages of 16 to 40 should apply

What are the benefits of joining the Women Techsters Fellowship program?

There are many benefits, and opportunities attached to the Women Techsters that money cannot buy. The training is offered at no cost and afterwards, fellows who

scale through would have an opportunity to intern within reputable tech organization for 6 months.

Other additional benefits include:

Opportunity to educate young girls on the importance of acquiring digital skills through the Community Engagement program

Soft skills training offered by senior level professionals

Opportunity to build a working portfolio through the group project work

Individual coaching sessions and enrolment into the Women Techsters Mentorship program

Network, connect, and discuss with other fellows in person during the Meet and Greet event organized for your region

Advisory sessions with tech talent recruiters, HR professionals and top women in tech

Exposure to culturally-diverse African women from different professional backgrounds and across 15 countries

What countries are considered for the 2022 Fellowship program?

Young girls and women from the following countries can apply

Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, South Sudan, Angola, Mozambique, Morrocco,

Who is a typical Fellow?

An ideal fellow is an African woman who embraces empathy, humility, and inclusion as guiding values. She is a self-starter who is committed to learn with and support a network of culturally distinct women and is committed to collaborate in the development of herself and continent through the digital skills acquired from the fellowship program.

In addition to these guiding values and trait, we are looking for intellectual rigor, vision, research skills, curiosity, oppenness, kindness, and much more. A Women Techsters Fellow is a woman who will champion inclusion and equality in the tech ecosystem

Is the fellowship onsite?

No, the training is virtual, but the community engagement project and the Meet and Greet are physical components of the fellowship program.

The community engagement component of the Women Techsters fellowship is designed to avail fellows the opportunity to give back to their societies by creating awareness about STEM, its careers paths and the opportunities that exist within the Women Techsters Initiative. Fellows are required to identify girl communities/groups with members within the ages of 9–18 years (this could be schools or other groups) where they can deliver sensitization training that enlightens young girls about career opportunities in STEM.

The Women Techsters Fellows Meet and Greet event, on the other hand, is a physical event that provides an avenue for the Women Techsters Fellows to network, meet each other, and talk about how the fellowship program has impacted their lives.

Is English proficiency a requirement

Yes, in African countries where English is the major language, the program is conducted in English. However, classes are conducted in the most dominant native language in countries where English is not the major language.

What is the duration of Women Techsters Fellowship?

The Women Techsters Fellowship is a 1-year learning program delivered through 6 months of intensive training, a 6-month internship, and enrolment into a mentorship program.

What is the time commitment during the fellowship program?

The Women Techsters fellowship program is intense and rigorous. The classes usually start at 10 am and run until 2 pm WAT daily. Active and engaged participation is key to creating a meaningful Fellowship experience and therefore, we advise that the Fellows DO NOT commit to other activities during the program.

Is there a penalty for not meeting the one-year commitment requirement for the Women Techsters Fellowship program?

Yes, there is a penalty. Although the Women Techsters Fellowship is free for fellows, a lot of resources has been invested by various stakeholders who bear the cost, hence, a refund will be required for fellows who intend to drop off during the program with no congruent reason.

My younger brother is looking to go into tech. Can he also apply?

No, the Women Techsters Fellowship is just for young African Women. However, we have various programs that your younger brother can apply for like EMMI, DSFE e.t.c. Please, go through our website for more details,

If I applied in the past but didn’t get into the program, may I apply again?

Absolutely! We encourage you to apply again. The Women Techsters fellowship program is highly competitive and successful applicants often apply multiple times.

Are there any shorter trainings I can apply for?

Yes, you can apply for the Women Techsters Bootcamp. Check the website for more information.

I participated in one of your Bootcamp cohorts, do I need to apply for the fellowship program?

Yes, the fellowship program has a different set of screening criteria from the Bootcamp program. Unlike the Bootcamp program that is beginner friendly, the fellowship is more intensive and is suitable for women with foundational background in the learning track of choice.

What learning tracks are available under the Women Techsters Fellowship?

The following learning tracks are available under the Women Techsters Fellowship: Product Design, Product Management, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Software Development, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Mobile Development, and Mixed realities and 3D

My question was not addressed, what do I do?

Please email us at wtfellowship@tech4dev.com and we will get back to you.